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wxWidgets Accessibility

For a while now I've been writing wx.Python and wxWidgets applications for MS Windows.

But I've always assumed both to be inaccessible on Linux/GTK. In fact that was the response from one of the regular contributors on the Orca mailing list.

But I think there must have been some advance in versions or something because in the last couple of days I have:

  • Written a Hello World! application for Linux in `wx.Python
  • Written the same for Linux using wxWidgets (in C++)

And they are both totally accessible!

OK that's probably a rash statement because the apps I wrote did not have every kind of wxWidgets control. But buttons, message boxes, menus and static labels are all spoken by Orca.

My wxWidgets Hello World! program did have all the above.

So, now I'm on a mission to try out as many of the other native GTK controls as I can, or at least all those which are obviously not irrelevant to blind folks, like bitmaps and stuff.

The versions I am running are:

  • wxWidgets version 3.0
  • GTK 3.0

I don't know about the wx.Python version but it's what is in the Debian Jessie repo so it is probably quite up-to-date at the time of writing.

Next mission, given good results with more controls is to write a tree-based GUI designer, because being a blind programmer, drag-and-drop WYSIWYG GUI designers are not really of any use.