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About Eyes-free Linux Ninja

This is the blog of a totally blind Linux hacker.

I've been using Linux on and off since about 1997, sighted until 2008 when I lost my remaining sight.

Since the end of 2012 I've been hacking and using Linux constantly. I was brought back to it by the Raspberry Pi.

There are quite a few Linux distros that it is possible for the visually-impaired or even totally blind user to install without any help from a sighted person.

In this blog and the static pages on this site I note, describe, document, rant and generally bang on and on about what I've been up to and what I've found easy/hard/impossible.

You'll probably find blog posts or pages about:

  • Detail step-by-step notes about how to get up and running with as many different Linux distros as possible, while...
  • Only doing so in situations where the install can be done by a blind user with NO sighted assistance beyond the BIOS settings that might need to be done to set the boot-sequence of media devices.
  • Any distro that it is NOT possible to install with either no sight or your eyes shut is not welcome here.
  • Comments and experiences about the accessibility or otherwise of particular applications and Linux sub-systems, like desktops and window-managers.
  • Other cool stuff about Linux and hardware/software hacking.

The Ninja domain is not intended to convince anybody, least of all me that I'm some kind of super-expert, because I'm not. It's just a very cool domain.