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Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Michael Ray

Witley, Surrey., (telephone numbers removed for the Web)


An analytical, enthusiastic, intuitive, multi-skilled and diligent worker who seeks the best solution to complete any task. Committed to diversity and equality in all respects.

Experience across different languages, platforms (mainframe, PC and web-based), operating systems and web browsers. Embedded systems and micro-controllers.

Key skills

  • Experienced in the use of multiple software systems including development languages, office and authoring software
  • Effective communicator both verbally and in written material
  • Experienced in the handling of sensitive and confidential corporate data

Current Voluntary Work

  • Chairman of trustees for weySight, a new CIO which runs two Braille and IT training groups in the Godalming and Guildford area
  • Research carried out for Sight for Surrey to find contact details of potential charitable donors. Wrote some Perl scripts that harvested data from Web sites
  • Regular volunteer at The Hub in Godalming (Surrey Disabled Peoples Partnership advice drop-in ‘shop’)
  • Some report writing and Internet strategy related advice given to

Specific Personal Skills

  • Knowledgeable user of access technology such as screen-readers, refreshable Braille etc
  • Familiarity with Web accessibility standards including WCAG 2.0
  • Knowledge of Microsoft accessibility subsystems, MSAA and UIA
  • Author of several plugins for the NVDA open source screen-reader
  • Braille literate
  • Microsoft Windows to 10, intimate with the Win32 API, the Windows sockets API and associated development tools
  • Linux since about 1997 both on the desktop and as a server platform
  • Client/server and desktop database design/development/administration and migration
  • Oracle and MySQL RDBMSes
  • Too many programming languages to list, including C, C++, Perl, Python, Visual BASIC, COBOL and Unix/Linux shells
  • Microsoft Office and Libre Office/Open Office
  • Extensive user of the Internet and knowledgeable about it's nuts and bolts, protocols, languages and tools etc

Web sites


Web site dedicated to providing information and HOWTO guides for visually impaired Raspberry Pi single-board computer hackers. Associated email community on freelists, created and administered by me, has over 200 members world-wide.


Personal blog on the subject of using Linux as a blind hacker.

Employment History

Freelance software developer since 1996.

Most recently fixed-price contracts:

  • PiModules. May to June 2016. Greek company developing hardware for use with Raspberry Pi computers. Writing supporting software in Python
  • RFPA, Bordeaux. 2007 to 2008. Writing software to monitor and control communication equipment in use in metro and road tunnel networks

Hourly/daily Paid Contracts:

  • NHS, Warwick. 2005/2006. Migration of payroll database data from dozens of separate payroll systems into an NHS-wide single system
  • Xansa, Edinburgh. 2004. Development of content management system for the OKI Printer Web site
  • B&Q, Hampshire. 2003. Migration of data from multiple disparate databases to single Oracle database and formatting data for use by SAP
  • Nokia, Camberley & Farnborough. Several times between 2001 and 2003. Intranet developer
  • Unum Ltd, Dorking. 2001. Writing system to convert in-house software system from an obscure GUI language to Visual BASIC
  • Public Records Office, London. 2001. Writing system to cleanse data prior to release of 1901 census data on CD
  • and, both in London. 2000. Oracle and Perl programming with two different .com companies
  • National Lottery Charities Board, London. 1996 to 1999. MS Access 2.0 and Oracle developer writing client/server system used country-wide
  • Bacon & Woodrow, Epsom, European Systems, Guildford and Centre-File, London. 1995 to 1996. Three different contracts writing software systems in MS Access 2.0

Permanent Jobs:

  • Milk Marketing Board, Thames Ditton. 1991 to 1995. COBOL programmer on ICL VME. Started as junior programmer and twice promoted
  • Guildford Valuation Office, Inland Revenue, Godalming. 1986 to 1990. Valuation clerk. Promoted from clerical assistant
  • Ladywell Convent, Godalming. 1981 to 1985. Gardener


Currently studying for an Open University degree in English literature.

Attained at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford between 1990 and 1991:

  • City & Guilds certificate in structured programming
  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE English

At school between 1976 and 1981:

  • GCE O Level art
  • GCE O level Biology
  • GCE O level Geography
  • CSE Arithmetic
  • Several typing certificates including Pitmans and RSA

Interests and Pastimes

  • Amateur radio, Class A license since 1982
  • Technology, particularly the Open Source movement
  • Regular visitor to the Surrey Linux User Group
  • Linguistics, particularly with relation to speech synthesis
  • Voracious consumer of audio books
  • Learning to play the ukulele