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Nikola plugin for kramdown

I’m not surprised that markdown has become so successful and ubiquitous. But one of the things I think it lacks is syntax for creating tables.

For this reason, I have been using a txt2tags plugin for a while. My sites all have a lot of tabular data, both as a function of the nature of the sites and also because I just like tables.

But I recently discovered kramdown.

kramdown has a super-set of markdown syntax, including simple, but powerful table-creation syntax.

So I’ve written a plugin for Nikola along the lines of the txt2tags plugin to compile HTML posts and pages from kramdown files. For which I have started using the .kd extension.

This post is written in kramdown.

So this post is somewhat by way of a test of my kramdown plugin for Nikola.

Third-level Heading

The above heading is marked with two hash characters and in the same way that markdown posts have their heading demoted by one level I have done the same with kramdown.

Here is a table of silly data:

Date Weather Activity
01-Feb-2016 Rain Stayed in
02-Feb-2016 Dry and cloudy Stayed in again
03-Feb-2016 Cold, -4C Had to go out for most of the day
04-Feb-2016 Even colder than yesterday Stayed in and wrote a kramdown plugin for Nikola


Lists are the same as in markdown

  • unordered list item one
  • Unordered list item two


The links in the above text are all done like references are done in markdown, with the actual URI of each link at the bottom of the text file.