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Raspberry Pi 2 - First Impressions

The release of the new Raspberry Pi version 2 took me totally by surprise.

I had no clue it was in the pipeline.

I woke up on Sunday 1st March to find some emails in the Surrey Linux User Group list about it.
Actually I think I didn't get out of bed til about midday but we won't dwell on that.

I got straight on to Mod My Pi here in the UK and managed to order a couple before they sold out.

Differences from the Original Pi

This is a quad-core ARM v7 processor with 1GB of RAM, whereas the old Model B and B+ was a single core at 512MB of RAM.

Other than that it is the same. But the performance increase is considerable. It is now a serious computer for web browsing and other such tasks.

Now I'm on the task of getting Orca going on it.

Just a few days after the release, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the sale of the five millionth Pi.