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Two Totally Inaccessible Business Accounts Packages

Today I tried installing two different accounts packages. I have a need for an easy to use yet powerful accounting system to administer some business accounts.

I tried:

  • gnucash
  • openbooks


Totally silent. Totally inaccessible under Linux, running on Debian 8.0 and using the latest stable version of Orca.

Purged it right away. USELESS.


Totally inaccessible and repeatedly crashed Orca.

Purged immediately. USELESS.

Back to the drawing board.

I am NOT going to put my accounts in the cloud where nosey people can look at them. And I am not going to pay for accounting software for Windows which may or may not do what I want to do and be 100% accessible.

Linux STILL lacks a fast, RAD database solution to match something like MS Access.