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LibreOffice Calc and Orca

The accessibility of LibreOffice is patchy on Windows. One difficult thing with LibreOffice Calc under Windows using the NVDA screen-reader is that on opening a spreadsheet, nothing is spoken until something is entered.

So, if you land on A1 and it contains some data, wiping it out by entering something to get it talking is annoying.

On Linux, I initially found that when pressing either the up or down arrors, the whole row is spoken, for example "A1 blank B1 blank C1 blank" etc.

But then Rill pointed out to me that Orca now has profiles for each separate application, and pressing control+caps lock+spacebar will bring up Orca preferences for just the focused application.

So I did that in LibreOffice Calc and I could then go to the 'Speech tab and check-off the check-box for speaking the entire row of a table.

Bingo! I would say that now LibreOffice Calc accessibility is better under Linux using Orca than under Windows using NVDA.